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Targeted and quality visitors

Report 2014

13,954 professionals visited the MPV show in 2014. 97% of visitors were satisfied with their visit.

After 3 days of exhibition, the report was really positive. 

The "Cahier de Tendances" (Trend Book), great novelty of this year, attracted wide attention of professionals and has demonstrated the ability of the event to provide a prospective view of the challenges of marketing at retail. 

This edition intended to be rich of content offering a Store Tour the day before the opening or Coaching POPAI sessions in order to provide early responses to our visitors who have real issues for their brand and trademark! 

In short many innovations that reflect the dynamism of MPV show!

An increased satisfaction

According to the visitors satisfaction survey, overall satisfaction increased this year. Indeed, 97% of visitors were satisfied with their visit, 69% completely satisfied.

The show is effective for:
+ Meet all the players in one place
+ Find new providers
+ Find new products and trends

Distribution by business sector

Distribution of visitors in the company

Geographical distribution over 60 countries

They have visited MPV show in 2014...

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