Report of the Marketing at Retail show 2014

Visitors impressed by an edition rich in content and quality!

To reflect the issues for the point of sale and provide the tools to boost and support the purchasing act by shoppers: this is the mission of the Marketing Point de Vente (MPV) event. Following three days of business exchanges, time to report on the latest edition that closed on the 3rd of April. The Trend Book, a key new feature introduced this year, massively attracted the attention of the visitors and amply demonstrated the ability of the event to give a long term vision to the challenges of marketing at retail.

Among the highlights of the event…
  • The Store Tour
  • The Trend Book
  • The conferences and thematic workshops 
  • The POPAI Coaching sessions 
  • The POPAI Awards Paris
  • The olfactory and musical atmosphere with the creation of a “fragrance by MPV”, with spring notes and a specially  playlist 

Highlights Press Release

MPV- the Marketing Point de Vente exhibition opens for business in a week!

Focus on the highlights of this unmissable professional meeting

A reference in its market for 30 years, the Marketing Point de Vente 2014 exhibition is open from the 1st to the 3rd of April. The latest event invites physical sales professionals to discover the impact of societal trends on the shopper journey and the latest innovations to improve the customer experience in store. In nearly 15 000 m2, 225 exhibitors will show creative solutions that respond to the challenges of marketing at retail. This year the unmissable meeting presents many new features including the Trend Book and coaching workshops which complement highlights such as the plenary conferences and the POPAI Awards contest.

Events at the heart of the shopper journey:
  • Exclusive: Trendbook unveiled !
  • Coaching POPAI
  • Exclusive: POPAI Awards ceremony
  • Innovative conferences and themed workshops (in French)

Retail Design press release

Retail design : Create an experience by making the point of sale exciting again

Society evolves, either at the level of lifestyle, the organisation of cities or the omnipresent new technologies. An ageing population, mobility, social and cultural diversity or even the influence of the LOL generation means that new expectations and needs are emerging for consumers. Light, smell, touch, effects, arrangement….the point of sale needs to re-think its design to confirm its essential role in the shopping journey. With a dedicated programme, the MPV exhibition helps brands and retailers make physical sales exciting again.  

Digital press releases

Digital and the Point of Sale: An alliance at the service of the consumer

Influenced by the “LOL generation”, the consumer now uses digital on a daily basis. Permanently connected and informed, the consumer uses the entire range of means at their disposal to optimise their purchases. A need reinforced by the desire to live better while purchasing power is down. Though e-commerce has frequently been in opposition to the point of sale, today the professionals in the sector preach its complementarity to provide a true “customer experience”. 

For its latest edition MPV, the Marketing Point de Vente exhibition, has developed a complete programme to assist visitors to interpret this trend and get the best results out of digital solutions.