5 exhibition sectors to gather the entire profession

MPV gather all the retail professionals, specialised in the attraction of the shopper, to give a boost to the sales in the store.

Permanent & Promotional displays
POP advertising, commercial furniture, displays, sales promotion, bags and boxes, shelving, gondolas, testers, shop windows, POS logistics, digital printing, sensory marketing, etc. 

Shop fitting/ Shop furniture/ Retail Design
Design agencies, store layout, window display, corners, etc. 

Materials and Components
Raw materials, lighting, leds, flooring, wall coverings, etc. 

Digital-to-Store/ Digital Instore
Screens, touch screens, interactive displays, software, content, sales agencies, integrator, maintenance, mobile marketing, web-to-web, etc.

Retail Services
Marketing consultancies, Shopper research, Sales force training, Supplementary sales force, relationship marketing, Efficiency measurement, promotion agencies, events, Field marketing, POP installation, Loyalty, Couponing, Field studies, merchandising agencies, etc.